As a total beginner in the art of yoga, I was blessed to be a student of one of the most centered, committed, inspired and compassionate teachers I’ve ever had.  Lisa has softly and patiently taken the time to make me feel welcomed and made me fall in love with this discipline.  She invites you to explore the extent of your physical body while transforming the spiritual connection to the present. Under Lisa’s loving guidance, the unfolding of your own truths comes naturally.  Thank you Lisa for making this yoga experience such an enlightened one.

A faithful student,
— Tareq Risheq, Founder and CEO Arkami

I’ve decided to incorporate Yoga into my weekly workout routine 1.5 years ago.  I was lucky enough to meet Lisa Umbelina as my main yoga teacher.  Practicing yoga with Lisa twice a week has improved my overall level of well being and fitness tremendously.  I’ve gotten much stronger, limber and my balance is great!  I also noticed that yoga sessions with Lisa help me to manage daily stress and maintain my inner balance.

Lisa is a wonderful teacher (I’ve had a few).  She is very knowledgeable, attentive and adjusts her sessions for all levels yogis! Whether its your first yoga practice, or you’ve been doing yoga for years, you can count that Lisa creates a perfect flow suitable for you.  All her sessions are challenging and creative, combined with a nice music and good, positive energy!

Thank you Lisa for a wonderful gift of Yoga, that you have introduced me to!


—  Natalia Madden,  Personal Trainer, Big Canyon Country Club,  Newport Beach CA. 

Since beginning Barre classes with Lisa more than a year ago, I have greatly improved my posture, balance and strength!  Lisa is a wonderful instructor, encouraging the class and offering modifications when needed.  I look forward to each session and always finish feeling better than when I started.  See you on Thursday,

— Tamara

I am so blessed to have Lisa as my yoga teacher!  After decades of long distance running and power yoga (and tight, sore muscles), I have gained strength and flexibility through Lisa’s heated flow yoga classes. I am honestly stronger and doing poses that seemed impossible just 3 years ago.  The support and adjustments that Lisa makes individually during the class help with proper alignment of body and improve flexibility.  Most importantly, Lisa is a loving, calm and giving teacher.  She radiates warmth and is passionate about sharing the many benefits of yoga, both physical and spiritual, with her students.  I leave her class both tranquil and replenished!

—  Dana Crawley

I have been taking ballet bar classes from Lisa Umbelina for the past year.  She is truly professional, carefully correcting and positioning you so you get the most out of each exercise. I find the classes very effective and enjoyable.  Lisa makes training fun!

—  Patti Estabrooks, Big Canyon Country Club,  Laguna Beach CA. 

Yoga.  I’ve practiced yoga on and off for a long time- mostly on my own, bending and stretching- doing various postures- but never taking classes.   I didn’t want to spend the money on something I thought I could do myself.  Earlier this year, I started taking Lisa’s class at the Balboa Bay Club.  What a blessing.   I now realize how much I’ve been missing.  Lisa’s class is both physical and spiritual.  Her class challenges your body while it opens your mind.  This is what makes Lisa’s class special.  I leave her class feeling special, centered, and more joyous.  Yoga, it’s incredible- so is Lisa.

—  Joy Freeman,  Dental Hygienist,  Newport Beach, CA.

“Our family has been practicing yoga with Lisa for over a year now, and we believe she is one of the best instructors not only based upon her technical expertise, but also her ability to alter classes specifically for those yogis she is teaching whether advanced, beginners or children.   Her classes and instruction are beneficial to anyone seeking to practice yoga for physical & spiritual advancement.  I would not hesitate recommending Lisa as an instructor for anyone, including all levels, adult, children and even those facing chronic illness”.

Jeffrey A. Goffman Chairman & CEO Integrated Oncology Network, LLC

I am in my mid-sixties and have always been in excellent health.  Yoga has been essential for keeping my old body limber.

Lisa is my first and only instructor.  She is a remarkable teacher and I am truly grateful for her patience and expertise.  She is a dynamite lady.

—  Bruce C. Bridgman, Attorney, Newport Beach, CA.

I started training with Lisa over a year ago. I am a lifelong athlete with very limited flexibility and general tightness in my hamstrings, back and shoulders. I was intimidated by Yoga but knew it would help improve my balance and mobility for golf, tennis, basketball and volleyball. Lisa’s instruction provided me with a good starting point where I could learn the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Yoga.

Lisa has proved to be a fantastic instructor. I have worked with her in both private and group settings. She is good at communicating to students basic movements in terms of what to do and why they will be therapeutic. I have also observed Lisa work with more advanced students and she can adjust her approach and style to any level. She is very active in classes in both demonstrating the proper poses and adjusting student’s movements as needed.

I have seen many positive results from working with Lisa. My flexibility has greatly increased which helps in almost all aspects of sports and life.  My ability to breathe and balance through poses has noticeably improved–I have been able to do some poses I would never have thought possible.  I have lost weight through a more balanced diet and consistent exercise.

I have also learned a great deal about the mental and spiritual side of Yoga. The union of the body, mind and soul seems much more understandable now. Lisa has done this by integrating her passion for Yoga through strong intentions but also a sense of humor. She
makes it fun. I totally recommend her as an instructor.

—  Patrick Christopher, Newport Beach, CA.

Lisa is exactly what we were looking for in a Yoga instructor and we feel lucky to have found her. She has been a patient and compassionate guide on our Yoga path. She understands our physical needs and limitations and prods us just enough. Beyond the mastery of postures, Lisa has taught us the importance of breath work and focus to achieve a sense of calm and well being. Lisa is very knowledgeable and passionate about Yoga and this comes through in her teaching. We have been seeing Lisa two days a week for almost a year, and there is no question that we feel better of body and spirit. We will continue to trust Lisa’s guidance and we are grateful to have her in our life.

—  Harry and Susan Stahl, Irvine, CA
Right now I practice Yoga about 1 to 2 times a week after starting in January 2011. I hope to increase my practice to 4 to 5 times a week because I realize what a great workout it is from head to toe! There are so many benefits I have noticed: good sleep, better toning and physical shape and my once injured shoulder is not tight like it used to be. I’ve always known that all yoga is good for all ages, but I didn’t realize Lisa would help me as much as she has.

I often have neck and lower back pain from standing all day at work. Yoga helps to relax the tight muscles in my neck and back, as well as every muscle in my body. Because I usually have very poor balance, I value all of the one-legged standing postures. They are always challenging for me.

I would highly recommend Lisa as a great Yoga teacher

—  Mark Daly, Irvine, CA

I wanted to say my experience with Lisa and the yoga she teaches has been superb. She not only knows how to teach but what fits my specific needs for my body. My flexibility and strength have improved dramatically since working with her. Enhanced my game to top it off.  I would highly recommend her services and expertise.
—  Pro athlete